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Black Show Polished Billet Aluminum "P" Clamps

  • $ 10.59

Put the finishing touches on your work with these show polished billet aluminum p clamps. They are sold in 2 per package. 6 per package, or 12 per package. If you would like a larger quantity give us a call and we will work with you! 

These are designed for organizing wire looms and fuel lines etc. They are NOT intended to be used to support heavy components.



The bolt supplied with the p clamp is 8/32 x 3/4" length countersunk with nylock nut . 

These clamps are 1/2 inch wide .

We stock a extensive selection of sizes from 3/16" i.d. thru 1.16 i.d. 

All of our products are sold with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!


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