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A/N Hose Assembly Tool Kit

  • $ 209.00

This kit consists of 

7 piece open end billet aluminum assembly wrench set. These wrenches are sized to be used on our -03 the -20 hose ends.  One end is marked "B" for the bulkhead nut side and the other end is marked "S" for the socket side of the hose end. These wrenches are .390 thick. 

1 pair of magnetic billet aluminum vise jaws.   Our vise jaws have 3 powerful magnets on each  jaw. They are intended to hold the fitting while  secure assembling hose ends. Don't take a chance on marking up you brand new fittings!

Note:  Vise jaw colors will vary depending on what is in stock at the time of order.

1 set of braided hose cutters . These hose cutters eliminate all of the 4 letter words commonly used when assembling hose ends  . These 24 inch long cutters will work on hose diameters up to -12 .   You will be glad you bought them !

Don't use them as bolt cutters!  Don't lend them out!





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